i, too, love my pants

We did it. We let our friends throw us an engagement party. We fought it the whole way, we really did, but ultimately let it happen and are so thankful that we did.  We had friends fly in from LA and Arizona and family (with babies!) fly in from across the country; there was an open bar, plenty of spicy margaritas (this may or may not have been the ideal order at a brewery?), and I had fabulous pants on. We felt so incredibly loved and are still soaking it all in.

It’s no secret that I love a good all white ensemble and now that it is acceptable for me to wear all white at a social event (Lord have mercy, I can’t wait for the transition into baby showers), I am all over it. Not to mention a FALL/WINTER white outfit? This is it. So, I found THE pants and started praying weeks in advance that the weather would cool down and I would be able to wear them instead of the snooze-fest backup dress I had on standby (honestly, dresses are just so uninspiring). It was real touch and go for a minute there, but the powers that be did me a solid and gave us a perfect 58 degree San Francisco Saturday. 

The pants arrived, with me in tow, and everyone was talking about them.

Coat – Vintage ; Top – Club Monaco ; Pants – Solace London ; Shoes – Jimmy Choo

This was also my coats coming out party, her first day out on the town since we locked eyes during my most recent vintage excursion a few weeks ago. I felt fabulously chic, can you tell? Real talk: this photo is the only evidence I need to prove that I am not exactly cut out to be a fashion blogger. I mean, I don’t even know what was happening here but it makes me laugh and my skin looks good so I’m considering it a win.

The pants have more than a couple of things going for them. For one, they are incredibly versatile, and make for a great photoshoot:

You can really tell a lot about your friends based upon what they choose to do with your extra pant fabric.

They also have a tendency to confuse men. Alex simultaneously loved them but also admit he didn’t really understand them, which is almost always my goal. He no longer asks questions about my fashion choices and instead just does what I tell him to do, like when I made him take this photo:

I just love him so much and can’t wait to make him take so many more embarrassing pictures with me. Also, I think that is my 3rd spicy margarita. The sun was still shining.

Thanks again to all of our family and friends (who feel like family) for always going to such great lengths to celebrate and support us as we approach this next phase in our lives. I don’t thank you guys for the shots of tequila but karma is a bitch and the (future) Kurlands are comin’ for ya!

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