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To many of you it will come as no surprise that I took a brief hiatus from blogging. You probably figured that I had instead realized a job making money is much more crucial to my livelihood, and shoe collection (Truth.), or that I simply had too much fun in my brief 2.5 week “fun-employment” to be bothered (also, Truth. Capitalized.). Life does that. Life gets in the way.

While I can’t say that the aforementioned reasons didn’t undoubtedly contribute to Lo & Behold’s brief demise (dare I say it?), I think I may surprise some of you.

10 months ago I started this blog.  It was my second foray into the world of blogging, my second marriage, if you will.  I had convinced myself that this time was different. This time, the commitment would not slip through the tiny little crack between my fingers. I wouldn’t let it happen.  I have a voice that should be heard (or do I just find my own writing wildly entertaining?) and a mission to unearth only the most relevant of truths (but, seriously, those pants that I wrote about last are still like pajamas. And I am wearing them as I write this).

Who was I kidding.

Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It’s immensely challenging in more than one respect. Time, money, reining in a shopping addiction… I truly respect the many women out there that have made a career out of it. God knows I wouldn’t be able to handle the constant pressure, traveling and adherence to brand. My opinions are perhaps too potent and my “give a shits” too little.

So let this post be the official announcement that Lo & Behold will focus instead on just my musings (largely written) as I continue on in my quarter life crisis… which I hope, by the end of its run, morphs out of its crisis (though, obviously, I will retain my youthful and fresh glow. I don’t own 6 different types of face masks for nothing!).

Now this isn’t to say I’m entirely changing as a human being. I may still litter you with my thoughts on fashion — because a) it’s a passion of mine and I’ve got feedback in BULK; b) that’s all I follow on Instagram… that and Chrissy Teigen who gets more perfect and hilarious by the second. But that is for another conversation; and c) it would have been a legitimate disservice to conceal the joys of the pants that are actually pajama pants. No one should be robbed of their right to own a pair of their very own. Inalienable Right, amiright?

Nope, I’m the same girl. I still desperately cling to the hope that I can infuse a little bit of joy and humor into your daily life. I still wish to say the things you’ve always thought, but have never said out loud (even if it gets me in trouble). I’m just simply not fit for blogging as we know it today and, honestly, nothing is more freeing than admitting that that is okay.

So…guess who’s back, back again (see what I did there?). Here’s to a fully self-serving personal project. Finally.


PS – Given this slight shift in focus, I will also be hosting on Medium. If you fancy, feel free to follow me there – www.medium.com/@loandbehold.

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