pants. pajama pants.

It’s been a while since my last fashion post… largely because I find myself too lazy to take pictures. That said, I got some rave reviews on the first one so I figured I would honor my second by highlighting the one item in my closet that I keep going back to: these Anthropologie pants that may actually be pajamas.

(Note: Please ignore my raging RBF in photo #1. My camera died and I couldn’t retake it. My photographer is also pretty sassy so maybe I’ll blame it on that.)

DSC00570DSC00581 (1)

Pants: Anthropologie | Hat: Nordstrom | Top: Anthropologie – old, short sleeve alternative here | Clutch: Nordstrom | Shoes: Seychelles | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Lips: Hourglass in “Muse” | Nails: OPI “Mod About You” – here on Amazon if you want to Prime it! 

I’m having so many emotions about these pants. Some highlights:

  • Before I purchased them I asked the lady at Anthro if these were pajamas just to be sure. They are that comfortable. She laughed and said they weren’t, but I am still not convinced.
  • I borderline have that 70s ass when I wear them… which is kind of everything I want these days, and more.
  • When I look down, I also think they make me have a FUPA which was alarming to the point where I had to confirm with Alex a few times. At the same time, bring. it. on.

They can be dressed up (black blouse, gold accessories, an even bolder lip) and down (my chosen execution for this overcast day in Half Moon Bay) and are the perfect way to transition into spring. Touché, Anthropologie, touché.

PS — For those of you who follow me on Instagram you may be wondering WHAT could have possibly caused the simultaneously joyous/confused emotion from yesterdays post…Please see below:

DSC00572 (1)

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