A home for my head friends.

A couple of weeks before I birthed Lo & Behold (too much visual?) I posted an Instagram photo of my most pressing fashion and interior design conundrum — hat storage. The photo (too grainy and too terrible a filter choice to re-post) showed my hats strewn around a random corner of my apartment. I had hats atop whiskey bottles, hats hanging from my boyfriends bike rack (yes, I moved his bike and yes, the rack is for another post… it actually is the bane of my interior design existence but, alas, sometimes you have to compromise when you live in less than 1,000 square feet), hats balancing on chalk boards — in short, it was a disaster. Though it did temporarily alleviate the pain I felt upon the realization that my hats would soon lose their shape, I knew something had to change. So, my hunt began.

To start, I knew I had to find something that fit easily within our design aesthetic (despite that in, and of itself, being a constant work in progress) so that it would transcend the boundaries of time. In short: I wanted to buy something that I knew we would be able to use functionally in different spaces, not just for my hat collection. [Note, naturally, the future closet of my dreams has plenty of its own storage for my wonderful head friends (Don’t worry, Alex is apprised)].

Then, knowing my own predilections towards decor that I have coined “man-chic” (think industrial wrought iron but also chandeliers, deep couches and fluffy blankets — à la Restoration Hardware, but more cozy), I started to scour Etsy and Pinterest for anything and everything reclaimed. I love the idea of bringing interiors to life with the new and with the old — what better way to tie in this industrial piece of the puzzle than with something that has a story, a past life? Alas, I stumbled upon the gold-mine of man-chic — a plumbing pipe given new meaning.


What I love about this solution:

  • In a world where we are lucky to have any sort of storage space at the ripe age of 25, this brings the storage to my walls in a way that is still aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • I can use this for literally anything — could be great for a mud-room to hang coats/hats on, somewhere to hang scarves or bags, even in the kitchen if you are so inclined! The hooks themselves are incredibly versatile and don’t skimp on size.
  • My head friends have a home of their own!

Plus, not only is each piece re-purposed from a past life (so romantic it makes me giddy), each piece from her shop (FleaMarketRX) is custom made so, really, everything is unique in its own right.

So, what do you guys think? Any uniquely beautiful storage solutions of your own? Please do share!

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