Must Love Capes.

I am having a love affair with capes so this post is emotionally charged. Incredibly emotionally charged.

Now, you ask. Why are you so obsessed with this cape? Why does it bring you such joy? A few reasons:

  1. Insta-chic — there is nothing better than having a single item in your closet that you can throw on with a pair of jeans and look instantly put together. For a girl that doesn’t wear much makeup (and is prone to the infamous top knot) this cape is Plus, the neutral color means I can pair it with nearly everything in my closet, whether I am transitioning to day or night.
  2. Not having full use of your arms has never looked better — I am thrilled this trend has come back with such a vengeance. Not only am I instantly put together, but somehow the silhouette makes me feel like I’ve added a bit more class to the world. Which, on occasion, the fashion world needs desperately. Plus, it’s an excuse to make your significant other get things off of high shelves for you.
  3. Human Burrito — I mean… zip this bad boy up and I am a human burrito. It’s like wearing a blanket over your shoulders without it actually being a blanket. (Note: I am prone to wearing a fur blanket around me at work because it is zero degrees. This is a much more normal option, amiright?) 

I urge you to consider having your own love affair, though let it be known that I gave you fair warning — the emotion is real. Very, very real.

Anthropologie Cape (no longer available) , J Crew Toothpick Skinnies , J Crew Sweater (no longer available – similar style here), Tory Burch Robinson Chain Wallet, J Crew Pumps (no longer available), Baublebar Crystal Mason Ring in Gold, Madewell Midi Ring

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